Other sources

Books, photos and documents

While visiting churches all over the US to find church records, we also look for other records like church histories, local histories, photos, confirmation photos and letters.

See below.


ILHenryBishop HillVasa Order of AmInventory
KSClayClay CenterKansas-Missouri historyBook
KSClayClay CenterBook
KSClaySwedeburgSv Ev Luth chBook
KSRileyLeonardvilleWalsburg Lutheran ChBook
MAMiddlesexWalthamFirst Luth. Ch.Book
MNRamseySt PaulGloria Dei Luth ChBook
NESaundersMeadAlma bookBook
NESaundersSwedeburgSwedeburg bookBook
NESaundersWahooCounty museumBook
PATiogaTioga countyBook
RIProvidenceCranstonBethany Luth. Ch.Book